Should I get Focus Express or Complete?

Complete features everything you need to pass your CFA exam, and it’s divided into two phases, Learn and Focus:

  • The Learn phase includes study manuals and video lessons for every topic in the curriculum to help you learn the material in an efficient way.

  • Once you finish Learn, you move onto the Focus phase, which features our review materials and assessment tools, including mock exams, performance analytics, and our question bank with quiz creator.

You have unlimited access to Complete until you pass your exam.

On the other hand, Focus Express offers you 45 days of access to all of the review and assessment tools in our Focus phase. In short, Focus Express cuts out the learning and zeroes in on helping you test yourself, identify your weak areas, and make the most of your limited time in your last few weeks of CFA prep. It’s a plan to keep you moving toward the finish line of your exam!

Whether you choose Complete or Focus Express depends on your needs. If you already have a great understanding of the curriculum, Focus Express might be the best choice for you.