What are some do’s and don’ts as I prepare for the exam?

Great question! Here is a list to keep in mind.


• Stay on track by completing weekly CheckPoints.
• Attempt the examples provided on your own, even if you have seen the answer.
• Do your best to understand the concepts instead of just memorizing.
• Ask for help when you need it!
• Learn actively. If your mind is wandering, give yourself a break and come back.
• Set aside the last 30 days (or more) before the exam date to focus on just practicing using our exams and custom quizzes.


• Get stuck on a single concept for a long time. Move on and come back to it later.
• Get discouraged.
• Take long breaks between study sessions.
• Get help before thinking things through.
• Overestimate your ability to comprehend or remember things.
• Attempt practice problems without knowing the material reasonably well.
• Spend too much time reading passively.